Startup Mediation

General Terms apply

Mediation as a method to resolve disputes

Resolving disputes quickly is essential for a business’ success. Mediation is a method ideally suited to do so. Here is what you need to know.

Mediation: a series of supervised, structured conversations

Mediation is a series of conversations supervised by an impartial mediator, someone skilled in resolving disputes. Under the mediator’s guidance, parties explain their positions and explore solutions. This process enables divergent lines of thinking to meet again, getting your collaboration back on track.

A business solution used by the most prominent companies, ideally suited for startups and scaleups

Due to its speed, flexibility and low costs, mediation is perfectly suited for startups and scaleups. Mediation’s less formal nature allows for creative solutions. If parties reach an agreement in mediation, it results in a legally binding (and if agreed, confidential) settlement agreement, ending the dispute.

You need results fast - and keep your options open 

Court proceedings may take up years. Especially starting businesses do not have the time for conflicts that drag on. Our mediation yields results fast, possibly within two weeks. 

By starting mediation, parties do not give up any rights. Mediation is based on consent; a party can always end mediation. Without agreement, litigation remains an option. 


You benefit from clarity, always.

Even without agreement, mediation will have been useful. As mediators, we ensure that parties will know where they stand, their disagreements, and – most importantly – why they disagree. This clarity gets parties further, always.