Startup Mediation

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Resolving disputes effectively, quickly and at low cost is critical to a startup's success

When you start, invest in or partner with a startup, you are focused on the exciting future ahead. But whether the business thrives or fails, sooner or later conflicts will arise. As founders you may develop different views as to your business’ priorities, as investor you had a different idea of the future, and as an employee or business partner you may find expectations have not been met.


Resolving disputes quickly is essential for a business’ success. Mediation is a method ideally suited to do so – it prevents conflicts from escalating and resolves disputes. And it trumps the alternative: wasting precious time by looking the other way or prolonging the problem by expensive court proceedings.

As specialists in law and communication, we found that too many young companies all around us failed to benefit from the potential of mediation - or simply one or more conservations facilitated by a third party - to prevent or resolve conflicts that are holding back their potential. That is why we founded Startup Mediation.


About us


We believe that effectively resolving conflicts starts with a clear understanding of personal experiences and interests underlying the conflict at hand. In other words, immediately resorting to legal argumentation is often not the most effective way to resolve a conflict. 

Nevertheless, there are some 'legal things' you should know when you decide to engage Startup Mediation, including:

  • our services are governed by our general terms of conditions which will be provided prior to any engagement;

  • if parties decide to enter into mediation, they will be asked to sign a mediation agreement which inter alia sets out their confidentiality obligations; and

  • we do not provide legal counsel but only act as mediators, meaning that if parties wish to receive legal advice, they should engage a lawyer that represents their party specific interests.