Startup Mediation

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Our services

We can assist at different stages of a company's journey 

to prevent or resolve conflicts

At the start. We facilitate a clear conversation when you start a company: 

align expectations and

discuss essentials and scenarios

Most startups are born out of passion and aim to realise a long held dream. Especially when working with friends, founders often fail to sit down to make their expectations explicit and to discuss worst case scenarios. We help founders and investors to have frank conservations to prevent disappointment down the road.

Initial phase. We facilitate one or more conservations when the company faces changing priorities, needs and expertise. 

After the initial phase of starting a company, priorities and needs may change. A co-founder may want to spend more or less time on the venture or the company may need different expertise than a co-founder possesses. Addressing changing company's needs and founders' priorities and contributions effectively, is crucial to a startup's success.

Through conflict. Use mediation to resolve conflict between stakeholders that are slowing down the company's progress

In most startups, conflicts sooner or later emerge. Significant disagreements among founders or with investors or employees may hold the company back. Mediation can help in resolving such conflicts and reaching agreement on essential issues, such as the future course of the company.

Get investor ready. Investors tell us that they are only willing to acquire or invest in a company if they are sure that company is 'conflict free'.

Investing in or acquiring a company can be tricky if conflicts are looming. Our sessions can help ensure that expectations are aligned again and any issues resolved in order to get the company ready for a new phase, following either an investment or acquisition.